7 thoughts on “Buy Union – 2016 UAW Made Cars and Trucks

  1. I Drive a GMC Sierra 1500 double cab Made in Fort Wayne Indiana!! Love it keep up the great work

    • I’ve never seen anything that put the info out like that. And the blog is primarily geared toward US labor history

    • I believe they just did. The UAW makes this list at the beginning of the new car year so at that time, they were not. And I doubt they will have a contract yet. I’ll try and see what cars they will be making and put it in a note. Good Catch

    • Best I can say is that the list is produced by the UAW. These are the cars they were making at the time they made the list. What’s really great is it appears that next years list will include even more cars, from Non-US companies. More choice for those of us who shop Union


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