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steve2I kicked off this website quickly after a few friends on Facebook told me how much they enjoyed the daily Labor History. I thought others might enjoy it and it appears that they do. But I kicked it off so fast that I did not have time to figure out a logo for the site. The thought of using Fivrr.com to do it passed through my mind (I am unemployed right now so money is very tight) But then I thought I would ask the Labor Community for their help. Maybe one of you have the skills I don’t (I simply don’t do graphics at all) and help me design a simple logo for this page (and maybe a future FB page)
My idea is simple, but then again, I’m under no illusion that my idea is the best logo for the page. I was thinking along the line of a classic Union Logo from the 1920-30’s. It would of course include the name of the site (Voices of Labor) and whatever folks thought might work.

If your interested in helping I truly appreciate it. You can contact me on the site sing the Contact page on the top of the site. (gotta keep those spammers out)

And thanks everyone for visiting the site. If you have suggestions for additions or new “features” please feel free to use the Contact page also. I’m very open to what you have to say.



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