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I feel strongly that Union activist need to learn how we won the victories that got us where we are. That’s why I set up the Voices of Labor web site, and why I set up the Labor History Book club. You would be amazed at how similar things are now as in times in our past. The difference though, is our response to it.

To promote the book club, and to get more people involved in the discussion, I’m having a Raffle for a $10 Amazon gift card for everyone that participates in the book club discussions this month. I’ve set up a Google Groups mailing list (the info is below) where everyone can join in. To ensure we keep spammers out, I need to approve you, but rest assured, no one will be kept out that wants to join. (expect those spammers) I’ll pick one random name at the end of the month and email that person a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Octobers book, if you did not know, is Hellraiser – Mother Jones: An Historical Novel and we are lucky to have the author Jerry Ash agreeing to join our discussion. We’ll be able to get his thoughts on Mother Jones as well as the historical events surrounding the book.

So Join the mailing list and lets talk Labor History

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3 thoughts on “Join the Labor History Book Club – Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

  1. Bravo Steve. I am reading an old book based on an even older writing published in 1952 in a Charleston, West Virginia newspaper by Bill Blizzard, one of the union leaders during the coal wars of West Virginia during the early 1900s. I wish I had read it before I wrote “Hellraiser — Mother Jones: An Historical Novel”. It would not have changed the facts of her history, but it would have given me an even better perspective of how it was and what it meant. I claim to have brought Mother Jones back to life, but in truth, she brought me to life. What I didn’t know could fill a book, and it did. What I still don’t know continues to fill me with the perspective it takes to understand the troubles that besets working people to this day. And yes, activists need to understand the people of the past as well as themselves if they are to carry on a hard-fought and proud tradition.

  2. Whoops. Forgot to mention the title of the book: “When Miners March”, originally a newspaper series written by Bill Blizzard in 1952, edited and republished by Wess Harris, a new friend of mine via the Internet.

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