Special Labor Speaks – The Anti-Union Rap

SolidarityLSGIf your workplace was union before you started working, you missed out on all the “fun” of a union organizing drive. One part of such a drive is the boss’s Captive Audience meetings. These are the meetings where you are required to sit and listen to your managers tell you all the “Facts” that the union won’t be telling you. Where they will tell you how a union will destroy your workplace and make your job much harder.

Well, thanks to the Teamsters local 728 who are organizing the truck drivers at the Duluth Ga Iron Mountain storage facility, you too can listen to a Captive Audience meeting. There is both the carrot and the stick here. Your notice that the managers tell them that they will be meeting with everyone, so if things go as usual, each one of these truckers will be called into a “one on one” meeting (probably with both of these managers) behind a closed door where the real threats will come in. The description of the sound clip reads:

“This clip is raw unedited audio of Iron Mountain managers Scott Krieg and Ted attempting to ‘educate’ shredding department drivers in Duluth, GA against forming a union. Listen to how management in all industries use unlawful or semi-legal intimidating pressure techniques against workers who wish to have a voice on the job.”

Bloggers note: No where on the clip does it say that this is Teamsters Local 728, and this clip is not on their web site. That information came from the tag used on Soundcloud. Local 728 is in the area of this facility, and is probably the correct union, I’m just not 100% sure.

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