Powell’s Books is coming

PartnerBadge4I wanted to give folks an update on my switching over to Powell’s Books. I’ve hit a small snag in being unable to get registered as a partner via the web site. I keep getting an error. I’ve contacted Powell’s and they are setting up my account manually. But with the holidays it may be a few days after the new year before I have the info for the site.

The old Amazon links will remain, as I simply don’t have the time to change all of them. But new links will be from powell’s and the front sidebar will be changing over. I never got anything from Amazon and there is only $4.00 or so in my account. So after the new year I hope that folks reach out and shop Powell’s via the Voices of Labor web site and help support the cost of running it.

And thanks everyone for your continued support and visits to the site. Your the reason I keep doing it.



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