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Ok, it took a little while, but you can now show your support for Voices of Labor by buying a book at Powell’s Book store. A Union run book store in Portland where I spent some time on the picket line there during a couple of their contract fights.

The Amazon links won’t go away. Truthfully, I don’t have the time to go back and remove all of them. But from here forward, any link you see to a book will be to Powell’s Books. I’m still looking for an option for Movies, but that will probably be a good while. Sadly, nothing beats Amazon in the field (the main reason I started with them) so for now, I’ll just let yall find the movies by yourself.

I think the grand total from Amazon was $4.01, so I’ll never see that from them. I’m hoping that yall will now at least click my Powell’s Books link before you go shopping. I does not cost you a dime more, but it helps me support the site. Lucky for me, and for everyone else, I got a job and can keep this thing up and running. (without it the site may have gone away by Fed/March)

So lets start shopping! You can start by clicking the Powell’s Book Store logo above, or in the sidebar to the right.




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