Today in Labor History – May 13th

Ricardo Levins Morales gallery

Western Federation of Miners formed in Butte, Mont. They organized the hard rock miners of the Rocky Mountain states into a labor union deemed radical by most mine owners and investors.  – 1893

The Canadian government establishes the Department of Labour. It took the U.S. another four years – 1909

10,000 IWW dock workers strike in Philadelphia. Local 8, a branch of Philadelphia longshoremen, had the IWW’s largest contingent of African Americans. – 1913

UAW Pres. Douglas A. Fraser is named to the Chrysler Corp. board of directors, becoming the first union representative ever to sit on the board of a major U.S. corporation – 1980

Thousands of yellow cab drivers in New York City go on a one day strike in protest of proposed new regulations. “City officials were stunned by the (strike’s) success,” The New York Times reported – 1998


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