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    • Truthfully, I’m trying hard to keep the site to American, primarily USA labor as, quite frankly, most people in the USA know little or nothing about Labor History. And while it does not look like alot sometimes, it does take quite some time to keep the site updated. Maybe once I reach one year (and things get a little easier) I’ll start to add more international labor history.

      To that end, I would not even know where to start looking for European or Asian union made vehicles, nor what would be considered a true union. For instance, I’m not sure I would consider state run unions in China real labor unions. So in reality, I’m guessing I need to learn a little here myself. As I said, maybe year two.


      • Thanks for the prompt reply. For starts, virtually all vehicles produced in European countries with significant social democratic/socialist/communist/labour party traditions are produced by workers with stronger unions than the US: Sweden, UK, Italy and France, for sure. Korean autoworkers have very militant unions — factory occupations helped to bring down the military dictatorship: If you buy a Hundai, the union made version is from the Korean, not the US plants. Japan is more questionable. Taking another product, most union-made men’s clothing available in US stores are from Canada or Europe. UNITE and IBT union labels are all from Canadian plants.

  1. I’ve noticed cars and trucks come and go off the list each year. Is it an older Tundra?

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