VOL’s One Year Anniversary


Voices of Labor is coming up on its One Year Anniversary! Over a year ago I started posting Today in Labor History post on Facebook and Twitter. A few weeks later, on August 8th, I started posting them on my personal blog. Within a week the response was so great I registered a new domain and opened Voices of Labor on August 18th. There have been changes over the last year, some worked out great, others hit the proverbial wall. But VOL continues to grow. VOL has about 680 post, and over 22,000 views from 76 different countries. And I hope to make the next year even better, so I’m coming to you looking for suggestions on what can be improved, what can be added and what needs to go. I’ve got some thoughts, and I’m sure you do too so please, feel free to send me your thoughts on the Contact Me Page. Or just leave a comment here.

Some of the things I’m looking at:

A book store where you can support VOL and the Union members at Powell’s Book Store all at the same time;

Full articles about Union History written not just by me (I’m actually pretty boring when I write) but taking submissions from others;

Possibly a Labor History Podcast;

A site redesign. (I think it looks good, but it can always be better);

And more.

Tell me what you think. Unlike those big corporate web sites that say this, I really want to know.



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