Today in Labor History – September 29th


Three members of the United Mine Workers of America were shot to death by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan. The RCMP had fired into a miners’ parade. During the course of the strike, 400 miners and their families clashed with police – 1931

A report by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that the average weekly take-home pay of a factory worker with three dependents is now $94.87 – 1962

– bloggers note – While I could not find an average factory workers salary (we don’t have that many left) I looked at the labor departments average for a full time wage and salary worker during the second quarter of 2013. It shows an average of $776 per week. Adjusted for inflation $94.87 in 1962 is equal to 726.07 today. In essence, wages have remained fairly flat for over 40 years. (Website used for the dollar conversion for my calculations)

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