Today in Labor History – December 3rd


Textile strikers win 10-hour day, Fall River, Mass. – 1866

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passes an ordinance setting an eight-hour workday for all city employees – 1867

IWW union Brotherhood of Timber Workers organized – 1910

130,000 workers from 142 unions – including workers from factories, industries, services, retail stores, transportation systems, and more – declare a “work holiday” and walk off their jobs in support of striking Oakland, California, department store clerks and in opposition to police intervention that was facilitating strike breaking activity.  The Oakland General Strike lasted for two days – 1946

The express passenger train “20th Century Limited” ends over 60 years of service when it takes its last run from New York City to Chicago – 1967

5,000 union construction workers in Oahu, Hawaii march to City Hall in protest of a proposed construction moratorium by the City Council – 1976

Arrests began today in Middleton, NJ of teachers striking in violation of a no-strike law. Ultimately 228 educators were jailed for up to seven days before they were released following the Middleton Township Education Association’s agreement to take the dispute to mediation – 2001

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