Today in Labor History – February 18th


One of the first American labor newspapers, The Man, is published in New York City. It cost one cent and, according to The History of American Journalism, “died an early death.” Another labor paper, N.Y. Daily Sentinel, had been launched four years earlier – 1834

Faced with 84 hour workweeks, 24 hour shifts and pay of 29 cents an hour, fire fighters form The International Association of Fire Fighters. Some individual locals had affiliated with the AFL beginning in 1903 – 1918    (Once again, there seems to be multiple dates. Most of what I have found says the 18th but the IAFF history and logo say the 28th. My guess is the meeting in DC started on the 18th, and the official charter is the 28th. If anyone can fill me in it would be appriciated)

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