Today in Labor History – March 2nd

Redwood Summer

Postal workers granted 8 hour day – 1913

U.S. Steel yields, recognizes the Steel Workers Organizing Committee as the sole representative for its workforce. The agreement led directly to many other steel firms recognizing the union – 1937

More than 6,000 drivers strike Greyhound Lines, most lose jobs to strikebreakers after company declares “impasse” in negotiations – 1990

 Earth First! activist and IWW organizer Judi Bari (b.1949) died on this date from cancer. Bari and her comrade Darryl Cherney survived a terrorist bomb in Oakland, CA, in 1990. The police and FBI immediately blamed her for the bombing, claiming that she was the terrorist and that the bomb was intended for the logging companies. She was arrested and handcuffed to her hospital bed. Bari and Cherney were eventually exonerated and won a hefty settlement for the FBI’s role in violating their civil liberties – 1997

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