Today in Labor History – June 13th


American Railway Union, headed by Eugene V. Debs, founded – 1893

A riot erupted out at the Miner’s Union Day parade in Butte Montana. Acting mayor Frank Curran was pushed out of second-story window. Frustration and mistrust had been growing for decades. In 1914, miners were being paid $3.50 a day, the same as in 1878, despite the fact that the price of copper had more than doubled in that same time period – 1914

Tony Mazzocchi born in Brooklyn, N.Y. An activist and officer in the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers union, he was a mentor to Karen Silkwood, a founder of the Labor Party and a prime mover behind the 1970 passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act – 1926


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  1. Eugene V. Debs began his labor carnelson.eer at the age of 14 as a painter in a railway yard shop. Debs was a working man who advocated and fought for the labor and political rights of working men, women, and children.

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