Today in Labor History – October 15th



Pres. Woodrow Wilson signs the Clayton Antitrust Act – often referred to as “Labor’s Magna Carta” – establishing that unions are not “conspiracies” under the law. It for the first time freed unions to strike, picket and boycott employers. In the years that followed, however, numerous state measures and negative court interpretations weakened the law – 1914

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One thought on “Today in Labor History – October 15th

  1. I believe you are mistaken about “Labor’s Magna Carter” . The Clayton Act was an important piece of progressive labor legislation. The term Labor’s Magana Carter however was given to the Wagner Act of 1935 Moore frequently called by its official name , the National Labor Relations Act ( NLRA).
    It was the NLRA that created the legal structure under whic the modern system of collective bargains functions ( albeit barely these days).

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