Labor Speaks through Song – Solidarity Forever

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3 thoughts on “Labor Speaks through Song – Solidarity Forever

  1. My favorite song. The sentiment of this song was instilled in me by my father, and grandfather. I hope it doesn’t die with me.

  2. Organized Labor needs to begin thinking like Wall Street, e.g., invest in business, industry, manufacturing owned collectively by members who are invested in the success of company, instead of being directed, do the directing. Also, notify labor leaders that more education needs to be an integral part of membership. In closing, Labor Day, the one day out of 365, has the potential to reach millions with the message of what organized labor means. There is minimal, at best, of anything in print, television or internet paying homage to the history, the struggle, and the successes of members coming together to uplift their fellow workers to a dignified and living wage. I was a labor studies major at Penn State University and came from a union family and it’s disheartening to see the labor movement being relegated to a marginal place in the society after so many sacrifices were made by so many. Thank you.

    • Preaching to the choir here. I’ve been saying some of this for years. I wonder if they took all that money they are giving Hillary and put it into educating their members what kind of difference that would really make. Politicians will not be our saviors, we need to look out for ourselves.

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