Time for a Break

I started posting Today in Labor History post on Facebook about 3 years ago. After a couple months people started suggesting that I create a web site to make these post so more people could see them, and I could present them in a better manner. Voices of Labor was then born. It’s been an interesting time, going from employed to unemployed, moving across the country from Baltimore to Eugene Oregon to start a new job, and basically starting all over again. Through that whole time, I started and kept Voices of Labor up and running. I’ve tried an indigogo last year to help pay for the site and bandwidth with no success, and was forced to move the site to a “lessor” hosting company. Even with the ongoing problems with this host, the site grew and I kept working at keeping it up and going.

It’s time to take a break. I have new projects I wish to pursue, and my personal and business life has gotten much busier. As some of you know, working as a Rep (and organizer) often results in very long days.

I’m not going to abandon the site. I will keep up Voices of Labor as it is, and if you want to find the history on a certain day, you simply need to search for the date and the info will be there. And who knows, once things calm down (yea right, who says I’m not an optimist) I can do some redesign and bring it back to a daily posting or two. In the mean time, I’m going to work on some of my other expensive hobbies (Fish Tanks, Photography, Tech, and my latest, the Garden) I’ll remain active in the groups, and maybe even more active with the time I’ll be saving.

Thank everyone for their support the last 3 years. Without it, I would not have kept the site up and running.



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