Unionization Among Airlines

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Thought people might be interested in some useful stats on Unions and the top 7 airlines. Two of the top seven have worked hard to keep unions down and out — Delta and JetBlue.

Delta, the nation’s third largest carrier, has long fought to remain nonunion. After Northwest Airlines merged into Delta, Northwest flight attendants and ground crews lost their unions. Just one-sixth of Delta workers today are union-represented — pilots and dispatchers. Delta does have a regional subsidiary, Envoy Air, where flight attendants, pilots and dispatchers are union. And workers at a Pennsylvania jet fuel refinery owned by another Delta subsidiary are represented by United Steel Workers.

Meanwhile, JetBlue, the #2 low-cost carrier after Southwest, has never yet signed a union contract. After two failed efforts to unionize, Jetblue pilots succeeded in winning union representation in April 2014 by a 74 percent margin. But the union has yet to reach agreement over a first contract with JetBlue. *


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 * Thanks to Don McIntosh of the North West Labor Press for this information

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