Today in Labor History – December 29th

labor history december 29

After years of intensive lobbying by organized labor, President Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety & Health Act, creating the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), an agency of the Department of Labor. Speaking for the bill, Representative William A. Steiger said, “In the last 25 years, more than 400,000 Americans were killed by work-related accidents and disease, and close to 50 million more suffered disabling injuries on the job”. – 1970

14,000 striking United Steelworkers from twelve Goodyear plants in ten states ended a twelve-week strike. The agreement included the closure of a Texas tire factory that employed 1,100 people, but also created a 1 billion dollar health care fund for retirees, a key issue during the strike. – 2006

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Today in Labor History – December 29th

  1. Shopping for labor on amazon is amazing to me. Amazon most certainly should be organized, especially because they are incredibly anti union and terrible to their workers.

    Very disappointed to find this.

    • I’ve tried several ways to pay for hosting and for software for the blog. Many people asked me to go to Powells and in a year, not a single book was bought. Amazon allows me to have books, movies and music, that is tied to the day. It also allows me to sell other, union made items. I agree we should support organizing at Amazon, and would love an alternative, but there currently is none. I don’t make any money from this, in fact, it has yet to pay for hosting in any given month. At such time as people decide to help support the blog by making donations, I’ll keep using Amazon. Of course, if someone that offers the same opportunity as Amazon, and is Union comes along, I will gladly switch to them. And of course, if the ALF-CIO ever declairs a boycott, I will support it.

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