Today in Labor History – January 22nd

labor history january 22

Indian field hands at the San Juan Capistrano mission refused to work, engaging in what was probably the first farm worker strike in California. – 1826

Terence V. Powderly was born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. Powderly would become the Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, a labor organization that promoted an eight-hour workday, the end of child and convict labor, a graduated income tax, equal pay for equal work, and worker cooperatives. At its height in 1886, the Knights had over 700,000 members. – 1849

The United Mine Workers of America was founded in Columbus, Ohio, with the merger of the Knights of Labor Trade Assembly No. 135 and the National Progressive Miners Union. – 1890

Five hundred New York City tenants battled police to prevent evictions. – 1932


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