The Women of Labor

The Women of Labor

25 Women that helped build the Working Class


Women of Labor

Labor history is full of contributions from women. Sometimes these contributions were a lifetime dedication to unions and civil rights, other times they gave their lives for the movement. But too often, unions are looked upon as men’s organizations, but in 2014, 45.5% of unions, 6.6 million members, were women. (Note:  25% of the traffic to the Voices Of Labor website are women.) We need to recognize these contributions and encourage women to become more involved in their unions. Celebrating Women’s History one month out of the year is not enough, we must celebrate year round. At Voices of Labor, we can see every day what women have done for our movement. But if you don’t have time to read daily, here is a list of 25 women who played an important part in building the labor movement.   They are in no particular order, so please don’t think the first is any better than the last. They each played an important role in the building of the working class.




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