Stats for the Fun of It

I love stats and play with numbers all the time, kinda strange considering I dropped out of High School and never did good in math. But I deal with numbers all the time now as a Union Rep so I thought I would share a few Voices of Labor Stats:

There are 2154 Post as of today

144,292 people have visited the site

The best day was 3319, the 2017 Union Car List

In the last year, every state has visited and all but a dozen or so countries

Illinois, California, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania are the top five states in the last year

Chrome is the top browser with Safari second

Android is the top OS, but iOS is VERY close. Windows is way behind. Tells me that mobile visitors outnumber desktop

And of course, when it comes to individual phone types, the top 6 phones are different iPhones

And 4 shirts sold, so the website is still costing me a good number. Please buy some shirts

Just a few numbers. You can help increase some of these, just tell your friends, locals and whomever.


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