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I love books. If I’m not working (which is not as often as I like, the life of a Union Rep) you’ll find me with either a book or a podcast. For me, knowledge is important. I did not always feel that way. I dropped out of High School to join the Navy. But I quickly learned that knowledge was the way for me to improve myself. And in the days before the internet, books were all you had. To that end, I read, and read, and read.

So what’s this have to do with Labor History and the blog. Well, I’ve set up a Recommended Books page on the blog. I’ll keep a rotating list of about 10 books I’ve read or can recommend from other sources. All the books will include a link from Powells Book Store, a Union bookstore here in Portland. You can get one of the recommended books, or search for your own, and when you do, the website will get a small amount to help keep it up and running. Take a look, and feel free to comment with recommended books for the list.


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