Today in Labor History – June 24th

labor history june 24

This date marked the birth of Albert Parsons, Haymarket martyr. – 1848

Agnes Nestor was born. Nestor, who began working in a glove factory at age 14, helped to found the International Glove Workers Union and served in various leadership positions within the union from 1903-1948, including president. She helped organize unions in other industries, campaigned for women’s suffrage, a minimum wage, maternity health legislation, and against child labor. – 1880

Troops arrested 22 workers in Telluride, Colorado, accused them of being strike leaders and deported them out of the Telluride district. This was a repeat of events in March, in which 60 union miners were deported. – 1904

The IWW Domestic Workers Union supplied sandwiches to dozens of draft resisters in the Duluth, Minnesota jail. – 1917

Union leader, lawyer, and politician Terence V. Powderly died. Powderly was the Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor, a labor organization that promoted an eight-hour workday, the end of child and convict labor, a graduated income tax, equal pay for equal work, and worker cooperatives. At its height in 1886, the Knights had over 700,000 members. – 1924

17 workers were killed as methane exploded in a water tunnel under construction in Sylmar, California. – 1971

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