Today in Labor History – October 12th

labor history october 12

The Battle of Virden Memorial

The First Industrial Congress of the US (first US national labor congress) met in New York City. – 1845

Also known as “Miners Day,” October 12 commemorates the seven miners in the “Virden Riot” of October 1898, when miners got in a shootout with mine guards attempting to bring in strikebreakers. The riot came in response to the mine owners refusal to accept the 8-hour day, offer raises, abolish the company store and recognize the United Mine Workers. Six security guards were also killed and 35 others wounded.  – 1898

Fourteen miners were killed and 22 were wounded by scab herders at Pana, Illinois. – 1902

2,000 workers demanding union recognition closed down dress manufacturing, Los Angeles. – 1933

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