Today in Labor History – January 9th

Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union meeting

Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union meeting

A Mediation Commission appointed by President Woodrow Wilson found that “industry’s failure to deal with unions” was the prime reason for labor strife in war industries. – 1918

Eighty thousand Chicago construction workers went on strike. -1922

The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union led a Missouri Highway sit-down of 1,700 families. They had been evicted from their homes so landowners wouldn’t have to share government crop subsidy payments with them. – 1939

Former Hawaii Territorial Governor Ingram Steinbeck opposed statehood for Hawaii, saying left wing unions had an “economic stranglehold” on the islands. Hawaii was to be granted statehood five years later. – 1954

The administration of George W. Bush declared federal airport security screeners would not be allowed to unionize so as not to “complicate” the war on terrorism (reversed in 2011). – 2003

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2 thoughts on “Today in Labor History – January 9th”

  1. Thanks for all you do to keep Union before the Members. Many do not know the depth of the struggle or the legnth of time we have worked to get where we are Today. That is not to say we have arrived, many times we have not left the gate. As long as the Federal Government is opposed to Unions we will be in a fight for our lives, our Family and our place in the World.
    Everett Hayhurst 60 year Members , Cincinnati Local 392 Proud Member of the UA.

    • Thanks, Everett, it means a lot to have folks appreciate the blog and the time. And as I’ve told my co-workers. Unions exploded from WW I to through the thirties and we did not have the legal rights we have now (and may lose) We just have to pull up our sleeves and fight. I’m afraid though that our “leaders” will hunker down and try to ride out the storm and just fire everyone around them. No Organizing or anything. We’ll see, I may unemployed in a few months (third time since starting this blog) But I won’t be out


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