Today in Labor History – November 25th

George Meany

George Meany

10,000 New Orleans workers, black and white, participated in a solidarity parade of unions comprising the Central Trades and Labor Assembly. The parade was so successful it was repeated the following two years. – 1883

A strike for union recognition by 395,000 steelworkers continued throughout November. The strike began on September 22 and collapsed on January 8, 1920. The strike was used by the feds as an excuse to deport approximately 250 anarchists, communists and labor agitators to Russia on November 24, marking the beginning of the so-called “Red Scare.” – 1919

The first organized walkout by teachers in the country occurred on this date in St. Paul, Minnesota. Click To Tweet The month-long “strike for better schools” involving some 1,165 teachers, and principals, led to a number of reforms in the way schools were administered and operated. – 1946

1,550 typesetters began what was to become a victorious 22-month strike against Chicago newspapers. – 1947

George Meany became president of the American Federation of Labor following the death four days earlier of William Green. – 1952.

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