Updates ongoing

So for those on the desktop, the major changes seem to be working fine. But for the mobile users, there are still some issues (mainly with the store) As you can see, there is a new theme, that is more open and looks better. It is also a better-optimized theme. The old theme just had limits and was not really being updated. There is a new store, and it does need a few things fixed. BUT, you can buy from it, the fixes are all cosmetic. I just could not afford Ecwid anymore. It was costing me money as I made less than the store cost. So I have switched over the Woocommerce. Just give me a little time to pretty it up.

Coming soon will be a Patreon page where you can help support the page by a small monthly donation. (as little as $1 does help) And I hope to have my book out on Amazon next month. It will be Kindle only for now but if there is demand I may work on a physical copy.

Last but not least, I need to change hosting companies. HostGator is slow, and getting slower it seems every day. I’ve been running some stats on it and I can do much better. This site is optimized up the wazoo and has a pageview score of 100% and yet can still take 4 to 8 seconds to load. HostGator is slow to react to the server request, being up to 4 seconds in some cases, which slows the site. Another good reason to help with a donation right now, you can see Voices of Labor a lotĀ faster. I should be making this change in January if I can afford it then.

If you see anything wrong or just plain ugly, let me know. I want to have all the bugs worked out by January 1 so we can all have a great new year.



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