Today in Labor History – January 2nd

Paying respect for the dead at the Sago Mine

Death at the Sago Mine

Led by Absalom Jones, the free black community of Philadelphia petitioned Congress to abolish slavery and to end the fugitive slave act of 1793. – 1800

A conference of 23 industrial unionists met in Chicago and issued a manifesto calling for an industrial Union Congress to be held in Chicago on June 27. This meeting would lead to the formation of the Industrial Workers of the World (or IWW and “Wobblies”). – 1905

An underground explosion at the Sago Mine in Tallmansville, West Virginia, trapped 12 miners and cut power to the mine. Eleven men died, mostly by asphyxiation. Click To Tweet The mine had been cited 273 times for safety violations over the prior 23 months. – 2006

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