Today in Labor History – January 24th

At the height of the World War 1 Red Scare, Palmer raids that began on January 2 and continued throughout January, resulted in the arrest of 3,000 labor activists and suspected anarchists and communists in 30 cities and 20 states.  – 1920

[bctt tweet=”Krueger Cream Ale, the first canned beer, went on sale in Richmond, Virginia.” username=”VoicesOfLabor”] Pabst was the second brewer in the same year to sell beer in cans, which came with opening instructions and the suggestion “cool before serving”. – 1935

The United Auto Workers (UAW) organized their first aircraft local. – 1937

Federal minimum wage increased to 75¢ an hour. – 1952

Polish-American labor leader Emil Rieve died. In the early 1930s, Rieve organized textile workers in Pennsylvania and in 1937 led a successful sit-down strike of 50,000 textile workers. He served as president of the Textile Workers Union of America from 1939 to 1956, which was formed from a merger of the Textile Workers Organizing Committee and the United Textile Workers of America. – 1974

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