Updates – Issues

I wanted to give you a few updates. I know you don’t read this, but it makes me feel better.

  1. You will notice a new pop-up. I have set up a mailing list with MailChimp. I’ll use this list to give updates about the site, labor history shorts, book announcements, and a cat photo or two. I’ll have a page set up soon in case you said no and change your mind. For now, that can wait.
  2. I set up a Patreon page. This site cost money and after Janus, my job is just one member dropping away from layoff. I don’t want Voices of Labor to die. I have so many plans. So I’m asking for your support. I will be adding more things to the tiers over the next month or so. If you sign up today, you will get the new things when added.
  3. The site is running real slow. This is HostGator. I need to move soon. You can help by buying the book, joining Patreon, or making a donation. If you choose the $5 or above on Patreon, I’ll send you a copy of the book in PDF or Mobi (with directions on how to get it on your kindle if you want to)
  4. For some reason, the photo has disappeared from the RSS feed. I’m troubleshooting but think it’s a plugin blocking it. It may take time to work.

More upgrades coming over time. Including a new Alexa Skill. I’m testing it now but could use some beta testers. If you would like to help, contact me and include your email from the Alexa account.


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