Today in Labor History March 11th

John Luther "Casey" Jones

Fabled railroad engineer John Luther “Casey” Jones was born on this date in southeast Missouri. A member of the Railroad Engineers, he was the sole fatality in a wreck near Vaughan, Mississippi on April 29, 1900. His skill and heroics prevented many more deaths. – 1863

The MacBeth mine exploded in West Virginia, killing 18 workers.  – 1937

Casey Jones, who Joe Hill wrote a song titled 'Casey Jones, the Union Scab' was born today, 18 workers were killed in the MacBeth mine explosion and more. Click To Tweet

Transport Workers Union members at American Airlines won an 11-day national strike, gaining what the union said was the first severance pay clause in industry. – 1950

Cesar Chavez ended another fast (this one for 23 days).- 1976

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