Union Made and Union Printed T-Shirts

I’m in the process of ordering some Union Made and Union Printed T-Shirts. I expect they will be here in a couple of weeks. The up-front expense has held me back, but I feel that yall will support me and buy the shirts.

I ran a poll a couple of weeks ago and the runaway winner was “My Heroes Walk Picket Lines” I kinda agree, I think this sends a powerful message of Solidarity. My order is limited, and only have Large and X-large in Kelly Green and Ash Gray. If they sell, I’ll be getting more in different colors and maybe a different design.

The Shirts should be here in time for Spring/Summer. In the mean time, I’ll be taking down the store to redo it with these shirts and letting you buy the book directly from me. It won’t be the kindle version, but it will be in ebook format you can send to your Kindle.



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