Today in Labor History March 27th

Mother Jones was ordered to leave Colorado, where state authorities accused her of “stirring up” striking coal miners. – 1904

This day marked the start of the 8-month Northern railway strike in Canada by the IWWWobblies picketed employment offices in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Tacoma and Minneapolis in order to block the hiring of scabs. – 1912

Fellow workers pay attention to what I’m going to mention,

For it is the fixed intention of the Workers of the World.

And I hope you’ll all be ready, true-hearted, brave and steady,

To gather ’round our standard when the red flag is unfurled.


Where the Fraser river flows, each fellow worker knows,

They have bullied and oppressed us, but still our union grows.

And we’re going to find a way, boys, for shorter hours and better pay, boys

And we’re going to win the day, boys, where the river Fraser flows.

For these gunny-sack contractors have all been dirty actors,

And they’re not our benefactors, each fellow worker knows.

So we’ve got to stick together in fine or dirty weather,

And we will show no white feather, where the Fraser river flows.

Now the boss the law is stretching, bulls and pimps he’s fetching,

And they are a fine collection, as Jesus only knows.

But why their mothers reared them, and why the devil spared them,

Are questions we can’t answer, where the Fraser River flows.

(Lyrics by Joe Hill, 1912, to the tune of “Where the River Shannon Flows.”)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that undocumented workers do not have the same rights as Americans when they are wrongly fired. – 2002

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