Today in Labor History May 20th

The first American public school was established in Dorchester, Massachusetts. – 1639

The Railway Labor Act was enacted in the wake of strikes and federal seizures of the railroads. The law guaranteed collective bargaining rights to railroad workers. – 1926

The first American Public school was established, The Railway Labor Act was enacted, 9,000 Rubbers workers on strike and the first NLRB election in the steel industry was held (and won)Click To Tweet

9,000 rubber workers went on strike in Akron, Ohio. – 1933

Steelworkers at Jones and Laughlin’s Aliquippa, Pennsylvania steel mill voted overwhelmingly for the Steel Workers Organizing Committee as their exclusive bargaining agent. It marked the first NLRB election in the steel industry and the company was forced to rehire employees it had fired, with back pay, and to recognize the union. – 1937

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2 thoughts on “Today in Labor History May 20th”

  1. Wait just a damn minute! This is supposed to be Voices of LABOR, and at the top of the page is a very clearly ANTI-public-education political cartoon. What’s happening?

    • I saw it different, but can see how it could be seen as anti public school. For the record, I work for a union that represent classified school employees. I see this as a statement about funding and how public schools are seen. In the end, I imagine that this my not be the best graffic (although I’ve use it for 4 years) and when I get home tonight after bargaining will change it


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