Goals for the End of the Years

I’ve been working on Voices of Labor for over 5 years now (maybe 6). This year, things started moving. With my book and spending time on Facebook and Twiter, I’ve more than doubled the number of people coming to the site daily. And many of you are coming every day. Knowing that the site grows each day is what has kept me trying to improve and update it.

But it’s not quite where I want it to be. At the start of 2019, I set goals for myself, release the book, get 5000 page like on facebook (we are at 3980) and average 500 visitors to the page daily (about half that right now). As you can see, I have one out of three. So this is where you can help me.

Over the next couple of months, I’d like your help promoting the Voices of Labor page. It is a great resource for Unions looking for something on their web page or newsletter. It’s a great way for your Union brothers and sisters to learn more about why Unions are still important. You can learn just how costly fighting for Unions has been in money and more importantly, lives. And its just a nice pick me up in the morning with your cup of coffee.

So, what to do? Send the link to Voices of Labor to 5 friends, share the post on Facebook or Twitter (or your social media of choice), Bring it up at work, the Union office or hall, with friends or whomever you think could benefit from this history. (You could tell your GM friends right now so they can learn why strikes are so powerful) And anything else you think will help. I would really appreciate going into the new year with 5000 likes and 500 people reading Today in Labor History.



3 thoughts on “Goals for the End of the Years”

  1. This is a good page. Your research is evident through the events you compile and publish. Iā€™m a retired IBEW member and I share your posts on my page when there is a reference to construction or a provocative event.
    Keep up the good work. Hopefully the metrics improve to where you want them

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