Today in Labor History October 12th

The Battle of Virden Memorial

The First Industrial Congress of the US (first US national labor congress) met in New York City. – 1845

Today is Miners Day commemorating the seven miners killed in the Virden Riot, 14 miners killed by scabs, 2000 close down dress manufacturing in LA. Click To Tweet

Also known as “Miners Day,” October 12 commemorates the seven miners killed in the “Virden Riot” of October 1898, when miners got in a shootout with mine guards attempting to bring in strikebreakers. The riot came in response to the mine owners refusal to accept the 8-hour day, offer raises, abolish the company store and recognize the United Mine Workers. Six security guards were also killed and 35 others wounded.  – 1898

Fourteen miners were killed and 22 were wounded by scab herders at Pana, Illinois. – 1902

2,000 workers demanding union recognition closed down dress manufacturing, Los Angeles. – 1933

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