Today in Labor History October 30th

Ed Meese

In an escalation of their attempts to intimidate and run the Industrial Workers of World out of Everett, Washington, Sheriff Donald McRae and his deputies rounded up 41 Wobblies who had come to town to support striking shingle workers, beat them, and forced them to run through a gauntlet of “law and order” officials armed with clubs and whips.  The IWW would return, however, with greater numbers on November 5. – 1916

Sheriff Donal McRae and deputies round up and beat 41 Wobblies, Ed Meese urges employers to spy on workers to catch them using drugs. Click To Tweet

Ed Meese, Attorney General in the Ronald Reagan administration, urged employers to begin spying on workers in locker rooms, parking lots, shipping and mailroom areas and even the nearby taverns to try to catch them using drugs. – 1986

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