Today in Labor History November 18th

American Airlines on Strike

Seattle printers refused to print anti-labor ad in the newspaper. – 1919

Workers at the General Motors plant in Atlanta engaged in one of the many sit-down strikes that occurred during the organizing waves of the 1930s. – 1936

GM plant in Atlanta has a sit-down strike, 31 men died in the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley, and Flight attendants at American Airlines go on strike. Click To Tweet

31 men died on Lake Michigan with the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley during one of the worst storms in the lake’s history. The 623-foot ship, carrying limestone, broke in two. Four crewmen survived. – 1958

Flight attendants at American Airlines went on strike over staffing, scheduling and work rules, and health benefits. The strike was quickly settled through binding arbitration in the workers’ favor. – 1993

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