Today in Labor History November 24th

Samuel Gompers

The United Cigar Makers of New York affiliated with the Cigar Makers’ International Union (CMIU) to form CMIU Local 144. Samuel Gompers was elected the first president of the local and served several terms before going on to serve as the international’s vice president. “[W]e are powerless in an isolated condition”, Gompers said, “while the capitalists are united; therefore it is the duty of every Cigar Maker to join the organization”. – 1875

The Chicago newspaper printers’ strike began in opposition to the recently passed anti-labor Taft-Hartley Act. – 1947

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2 thoughts on “Today in Labor History November 24th”

  1. Thank you for the updates on This Day in Labor History. I am so grateful for it. I thought I knew about the struggle. I am consistently dumbstruck by the histories you pass on. I’m from a family that had many people in the early UAW days including an uncle at the sit down strike in Flint and an aunt that used to sneak food under the fence for the workers there in the middle of the night at the risk of being of being beaten herself. Some of us are IBEW members. But here’s the thing. I had no idea how many people were beaten with clubs, kicked, shot even bombed by the nation’s law enforcement and military until I started reading your articles. Has anyone ever counted how many people have been killed and injured for demonstrating how important it is to receive a fair wage and have a life of their own?

    • I thought about counting in the past, but figured I’ve missed some and could never get an accurate count. I think it’s safe to say that the ones documented on the site, it’s at least a couple thousand.


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