Today in Labor History January 9th

Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union meeting

A Mediation Commission appointed by President Woodrow Wilson found that “industry’s failure to deal with unions” was the prime reason for labor strife in war industries. – 1918

Eighty thousand Chicago construction workers went on strike. -1922

1,700 families sit down on Missouri Highway, President Bush declares Federal Airport Security Screeners could not unionize and more. Click To Tweet

The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union led a Missouri Highway sit-down of 1,700 families. They had been evicted from their homes so landowners wouldn’t have to share government crop subsidy payments with them. – 1939

Former Hawaii Territorial Governor Ingram Steinbeck opposed statehood for Hawaii, saying left-wing unions had an “economic stranglehold” on the islands. Hawaii was to be granted statehood five years later. – 1954

The administration of George W. Bush declared federal airport security screeners would not be allowed to unionize so as not to “complicate” the war on terrorism (reversed in 2011). – 2003

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