Today in Labor History February 10, 2020

LNG explosion on Staten Island

The American Federation of Labor (AFL) founded the Building and Construction Trades Department as a way to overcome the jurisdictional conflicts occurring in the building and construction unions. – 1908

Rubber workers belonging to the Industrial Workers of the World went on strike in Akron, Ohio. – 1913

IWW Rubber workers go on strike, 11 Carpenters were shot at the Spruce Falls Power and Paper Co plant, and an LNG tank explosion in Staten Island kills 40. Click To Tweet

Eleven members of the Carpenters’ Union in Reesor Siding, Northern Ontario were shot, three fatally, by independent local farmer-settlers who were supplying wood to a Spruce Falls Power and Paper Co. plant. Some 400 union members were attempting to block an outbound shipment from the plant. The action came as the company was insisting on a pay freeze and two months of seven-day-a-week work. – 1963

The worst industrial disaster in Staten Island history occurred when gas trapped inside a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank exploded and blew the concrete roof off the tank, killing 40 workers. Long opposed by homeowners, Distrigas’ plan to transport and store LNG near populated areas was abandoned after the incident, with the mayor and federal agencies reversing their original support of the project. – 1973

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