Today in Labor History July 29, 2020

The Coast Seamen’s Union merges with the Steamship Sailor’s Union to form the Sailors’ Union of the Pacific. – 1891

A preliminary delegation from Mother Jones’ March of the Mill Children from Philadelphia to President Theodore Roosevelt’s summer home in Oyster Bay, Long Island, publicizing the harsh conditions of child labor, arrives today. They are not allowed through the gates. – 1903

Mother Jones' March of the Mill Children arrives at Roosevelt's summer home, and the Delano grape boycott ends in victory for the United Farm Workers. Click To Tweet

Following a five-year table grape boycott, Delano-area growers file into the United Farm Workers union hall in Delano, California to sign their first union contracts. The strike began on September 8, 1965. Due largely to a consumer boycott of nonunion grapes, the strike ended with a significant victory for the United Farm Workers as well as its first contract with growers. – 1970

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