Website Closing down

Due to circumstances beyond my control, Voices of Labor is Closed. It’s been a fun and interesting 7 years or so. I’ll keep the Facebook page up and maybe turn it into something else. But the links to VOL will not be working shortly and all content will be removed.

Please respect this decision and not ask questions or ask me to reconsider. Maybe someday I’ll be back, but for now, things will be going away.

Stay Home – Stay Safe

6 thoughts on “Website Closing down”

  1. So Sorry to read this, VOL was my daily “Go To”. As a graduate of Indiana U’s Labor Studies program And Chicago Kent’s “Law in the Workplace” program, this site was something I truly enjoyed. Stay well and best wishes!!

  2. Thank You for the great union content you have provided over the years, I shared it daily with our Union. I wish you happiness in your future endeavors.

  3. I’ve appreciated all you’ve done. Your posts have been shared in a Facebook group for an admittedly reactionary trade union I’m in, and it really got through to those who needed to hear it. Keep up the good fight, in whatever you do.


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