Labor Day Sale

Today through Monday, get 10% off when you spend $20 or more, or 15% off when you spend over $30 And as always, what profit there is goes right back into the site, or the upcoming Podcast Thanks for you support   Steve

Stats for the Fun of It

I love stats and play with numbers all the time, kinda strange considering I dropped out of High School and never did good in math. But I deal with numbers all the time now as a Union Rep so I thought I would share a few Voices of Labor Stats: There are 2154 Post as […]

New Online Store

So I got sick of Teespring and all the other tee shirt printers and their insane policies (wanting permission to quote and use the likeness of Mother Jones was the tipping point). I’ve decided to set up my own online store. There are only three designs right now, but I am working on more. All […]