Speeding things up

Voices of Labor has been going for 5 years, and in that 5 years, there have been a ton of things tried several thousand posts and a bunch of photos. This slows things down. So I’m trying to delete a lot of the older stuff and photos. This may cause inadvertent issues. If you notice … Read more

Problems on the Site

I seem to be having some problems with some of the Social Media plugins on the site. So, I’ve had to disable them till a fix comes out. The good side of this is it speeds up the site, the bad side, well, you don’t see how many shares and such. I’ll look for alternatives … Read more

Social Media

Voices of Labor now has over 10100 followers on Twitter but we’re still at only 3000 Like Us on Facebook. I’m asking folks to tell their friends, their co-workers, you Union Brothers and Sisters, your mom, dad, and anyone who you think could learn a little about Union History about the page. You can follow us … Read more

Down Time

Sorry that I’ve  been having some down time on the site. Hostgator blames Cloudflare, Cloudflare blames Hostgator. How strang in this day and age where no one wants to take the blame. Anyway, I think I’ve got it going, but if you get gateway errors or other issues, please send me an email at [email protected]Read more