Stats for the Fun of It

I love stats and play with numbers all the time, kinda strange considering I dropped out of High School and never did good in math. But I deal with numbers all the time now as a Union Rep so I thought I would share a few Voices of Labor Stats: There are 2154 Post as […]

New Online Store

So I got sick of Teespring and all the other tee shirt printers and their insane policies (wanting permission to quote and use the likeness of Mother Jones was the tipping point). I’ve decided to set up my own online store. There are only three designs right now, but I am working on more. All […]

TeeSpring Hates Rosie

It seems that TeeSpring believes, mistakenly I will say, that Rosie the Riveter is copyrighted. I am appealing their decision but It may be awhile before I can get it back, if ever. I will look for another way to make this shirt available to yall. In the meantime, I’ll get up an Emma shirt […]

We’re on Instagram

  Voices of Labor has been branching out for new ways for people to find us. Our latest move, Instagram. There is a little button at the top that will take you to our Instagram page where you can follow us. I’m working on making it offer a bit more that the page. For instance, […]

Welcome to the New Server

Ok, so the 500 errors were getting out of hand. I’m sure many of you saw them, hell, even Facebook saw them. So I’ve moved to a new hosting service, one that seems to know what they are doing. The pages are much faster and we should see the end of the problems. The new […]