Today in Labor History – June 16th

Eight local unions organized the International Fur Workers Union of US and Canada. The union later merged with the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen. – 1913 Eugene Debs delivered his famous Canton, Ohio anti-war speech. America was at war with Germany at the time, and radicals were being routinely rounded up and jailed, often […]

Today in Labor History – June 15th

  The Metal Trades Department of what now the AFL-CIO is founded. – 1908 The Congress of Industrial Organizations expels the Fur and Leather Workers union and the American Communications Association for what it describes as communist activities. – 1947 Battle of Century City, as police in Los Angeles attack some 500 janitors and their […]

Today in Labor History – June 14th

In West Virginia, which was under martial law due to ongoing violence between miners and thugs hired by the mining companies, state police and vigilantes raided the Lick Creek tent colony. 47 strikers were arrested. Within a few months, much of Southwestern West Virginia would be engaged in the largest civil uprising in US history, […]

Today in Labor History – June 13th

A riot erupted at the Miner’s Union Day parade in Butte, Montana. Acting Mayor Frank Curran was pushed out of a second-story window. Frustration and mistrust had been growing for decades. In 1914, miners were being paid $3.50 a day, the same as in 1878, despite the fact that the price of copper had more […]

Today in Labor History – June 12th

Fifty thousand members of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen employed in meatpacking plants walked off their jobs; their demands included equalization of wages and conditions throughout US plants. – 1904 Massachusetts became the first state to adopt a minimum wage law. Other states passed similar laws later that year. – 1912 The US […]

Today in Labor History – June 11th

Representatives from the AFL, Knights of Labor, populists, railroad brotherhoods and other trade unions held a unity conference in St. Louis but failed to overcome their differences. – 1894 Cops shot black and white IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) members and AFL maritime workers who were striking against United Fruit company in New Orleans, […]