Today in Labor History – January 21st

labor history January 21st
Police attacking Longshoremen in Charleston

Police attacking Longshoremen in Charleston A four-day strike by 2,000 postal workers at the New Jersey Bulk and Foreign Mail Center in Jersey City began on this date. The “Battle of the Bulk” was caused by postal management’s unilateral changes in workers’ hours and working conditions. The wildcat strike was led by a group of young … Read more

Today in Labor History – January 18th

Labor History January 18th
Johnny Paycheck

Johnny Paycheck Guards employed by the Agricultural Fertilizer Chemical Company in Chrome, New Jersey, opened fire on unarmed striking workers, killing two people and wounding eighteen others. The next day 31 deputy sheriffs were arrested, charged with first-degree murder, and held without bail. The workers eventually won a wage increase and nine of the deputies … Read more

Today in Labor History – January 17th

labor history January 17th
Pablo Manlapit

Pablo Manlapit Filipino labor organizer, lawyer, and migrant-rights activist Pablo Manlapit was born. He moved to Hawaii as a young man and worked on several sugar plantations before pursuing a law degree. Hawaii’s first Filipino lawyer, Manlapit worked tirelessly to represent Filipino workers. He helped organize the Filipino Labor Union and was a leading figure … Read more

Today in Labor History – January 16th

labor history january 16th
Leonard Woodcock

Leonard Woodcock The United States Civil Service Commission was established as the Pendleton Act went into effect. The Pendleton Act established that positions within the federal government should be awarded based on merit, not political affiliation. – 1883 Thousands of detainees, including foreign-born radicals and “labor agitators” arrested during the Palmer Raids, won their right to meet … Read more