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  1. I have been looking for a venue for showing my collection of Labor movies which include “Salt of the Earth”, “Matewon” and a little known movie named “F.I.S.T.” . I also have background handouts for most of the movies. I am also the organizer of two labor related MeetUps.

    I would love to talk to you about working together.

    Jack Frohlich.

    This Old Fart supports the workers at BART

    Support the Labor Movement: The Folks who brought you the weekend

  2. Jack, are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? There is a Labor Film Fest in Santa Cruz (Reel Works) each May, and events with new films shown in July during LaborFest.

  3. I salute & thank you for your work. I founded & organized PASS – MEBA, five other national unions since 1977. President of most, was a go between Before & during PATCO & Feds 81 strike. Have collected Union historical data and collectibles for many decades. Served on the Public Employees Department AFL/CIO Executive Board. Have a good evening.

  4. I’m a retired UAW International Representative who worked in the UAW Education Department. This is a fantastic website for union members to discover and learn the history of organized labor. Keep up your wonderful work.


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