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When I first started Voices of Labor I tried very hard to start a Labor History book club. Each month we would select a new book related to labor history, then read and discuss it online. I guess everyone was busy and it never worked. But I never gave up on trying to get people to read more about the history of unions. To that end, I’m going to start a small recommended list. Ten books, changed every month or so, that make good reads on the history of our movement. The links provided will be to Powells Bookstore here in Portland, a Union bookstore. (I marched in the picket line for their first contract) The prices will be slightly higher than Amazon, and you won’t get that shiny¬†prime shipping. But you will be supporting labor (and a little to the website).

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Triangle: The Fire That Changed America
by David Von DrehleTrade Paperback







by Jeremy BrecherTrade Paperback



Mother Jones
by Philippa GregoryTrade Paperback



Wobblies A Graphic History
by Tom CopelandTrade Paperback



Lexicon of Labor Revised & Updated
by R Emmett MurrayTrade Paperback


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