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steve2In the last couple years, Voice Of Labor has gotten a dedicated following, and I want to thank everyone for their support. The problem is, web sites cost time and money. To help with the cost, I’ve designed some tee-shirt and other items with some of our labor leaders and their quotes. I am still looking for a Union print on demand company, so in the meantime and using printful.  I have some samples and they are really nice.  You can find the store here

I am all a partner at Powell’s. If you don’t know, Powell’s is a HUGE book store here in Portland, and it’s Union. You can get both new and used books, and even sell your books to Powell’s. If you want to grab a book, go to the link below.

Visit Scenic

And if you don’t need a shirt or a book (really, who doesn’t need a book) You can donate directly via the paypal link to the left. All donation, and whatever profits I might make,  go right back into the site. I’m saving up to get a full copy of a few of the plugins so that I can make backups and protect the site from hackers.






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9 thoughts on “Support Voices of Labor

  1. My name is Truman Keene and I’m a third generation Ironworker from Local#1 Chicago,Illinois. And PROUD to be a UNION MEMBER. My email address is trusue777 Thank you for adding me and let’s keep up the fight for ALL UNIONS.

  2. Please add me to your email notices. My email is

    I regularly post to my 5,000 FB friends your website – just great effort you do.

    John O’Brien

  3. Please add me to your list, kdbarras. Member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 234 Jacksonville Florida.

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